Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Symptoms like period cramps are generally associated with the menstrual cycle and PMS. Certain inflammatory drugs like NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) have been known to offer some degree of relief during menstruation, but they are certainly not the most effective in making the pain go away. These drugs are synthesized with compounds that may unknowingly come with more disadvantages than advantages.


Why NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is not the best choice for period relief


NSAIDs are drugs that lessen inflammation, pain, fever and sometimes prevents blood clots. They are commonly known as over-the-counter drugs and found in any drug store. Despite the fact that these drugs can help reduce the pain that is associated with the menstrual cycle, they have been known to possess certain side effects. The most common side effects that have been associated with the use of NSAIDs include bleeding, gastrointestinal ulcer, heart failure, and kidney problems or disease. These side effects depend on the drug and the brand that produces it.

Most NSAIDs are non-selective, and the use of a NSAIDs like the aspirin can thin the blood while also used to reduce inflammation.

The good news is that there are natural remedies that don’t pose this kind of threat to the wellbeing of the consumer. Natural remedies like ginger, turmeric have been used for centuries to help reduce pain and inflammation during menstruation, but a stand out among the others is Hemp extract or CBD (cannabidiol), and it has been recognized for its effectiveness in providing period relief during menstruation.


Hemp and Hemp Infused Products


Hemp infused items are one of the most talked about products in pharmaceuticals since they are so proficient and generally safe at the fixations found in numerous items.

The essential quality of Hemp infused products is -  their capacity to help provide period relief and PMS relief. In all actuality the help you can expect relies upon the nature of the item. On the off chance that you have terrible cramps, products that include hemp can ease difficult episodes of period symptoms that leave you experiencing presenteeism  in the workplace while making it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Hemp is known to exhibit certain qualities that promote muscle relaxation while at the same time easing stress and irritation. Within in a couple of minutes of ingesting hemp products you’ll feel alleviated of some painful symptoms. Strikingly, there is certainly proof that ladies with serious cramping related with endometriosis have a debilitated endocannabinoid framework. Specialists uncovered that those with severe suffering had a lower expression of the endocannabinoid receptors when contrasted with those with mellow agony, and thus produced more elevated amounts of endocannabinoids to redress (too terrible it had little effect). This implies that cannabinoids are essential to treat period cramps, menstrual symptoms and PMS symptoms.


Translated: This could clarify why a few ladies may have more agonizing cramping than others.

In light of that, we can break down Hemp’s PMS advantages more unequivocally:

  1. Hemp can restrain the level of aggravation and swelling, which can both lead to menstrual pain.
  2. Hemp has a direct impact on explicit nerve receptors called vanilloid receptors, and is able to desensitize any agony in the nerve strands.


If you’re looking for how to stop period pain quickly, then you have to get natural remedies like hemp extract, ginger, and turmeric. Our hemp products for cramps contain these natural ingredients plus more and will give you quick relief during menstruation.  Check out Maxine+Morgans’ herbal supplement.


Signs Your Period Is Coming


Are you experiencing lower abdominal pain or is the calendar telling you your period is coming? Most women experience mood swing during periods, while others experience breast tenderness before periods. Each period is different and gives different signs to women. While some women have regular periods, and just need to remember their date, other women experience dreadful pain that leads up to their period.


Bowel movements

Some women go through painful bowel movements during their period or before their period starts, and among other things, women might go through:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea, before their period approaches
  • Water retention-a major complaint among women
  • Feeling bloated and gassy


If they feel any of these things, they should cut out on salt, eat more fruits and exercise. Those who exercise regularly, they have normal and regular periods.


Feeling Tired

Fatigue is a common occurrence among women, when we are about to have their period. We might feel tired, but not sleepy at all. This state makes them go through mood swings during periods. As hormones shift during a period, this disturbs the sleep patterns, and makes women lazy. The pre-menstrual state can be a nightmare for some, as may are unable to get sufficient rest.


Women can get cramps 1 or even 2 weeks before their period starts. When the menstrual bleeding starts, only then do their cramps end. This could be a sign that your period is coming, and you need to prepare for it, like you always do.

These cramps start in the lower abdomen; they are achy, and may make the lower back and upper thighs, feel extremely uncomfortable. However, not every woman experiences cramps before her period starts. She might experience these cramps during the menstrual cycle, when the bleeding is at its heaviest.

If this pain is extremely uncomfortable you may want to see your doctor. Endometriosis can cause pain and can become severe during the menstrual cycle. To see the symptoms of Endometriosis click here.


Some women might notice an increase in acne on their face, before their period is about to start. This usually erupts on the chin and the jaw line, but can appear anywhere on the face. The reason why acne starts to appear is because, the natural hormones that are connected with a female’s reproductive cycle, changes.

Tender Breasts

This symptom is not a common occurrence. Some women might experience breast tenderness before period or on the first day of their period. There are women who feel that when they are about to get their period, their breasts become heavy and lumpy. This sign can cause serious discomfort among women.


Headache is a major sign that a woman is about to have her period. The hormonal levels fluctuate, and these fluctuations can cause headaches and even migraines. Serotonin is responsible for setting off these migraines and headaches. Migraines can occur before, during and even after a woman has her period.



Mood Swings

Mood swings are very common during periods, but they are also a sign that her period is coming. Apart from mood swings, she also goes through other mental changes like:

  • Feeling extremely lethargic
  • Feeling weak and not wanting to do anything
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling irritable
  • Being on a roller coaster of emotions


Lower Back Pain

Those who are middle age, and have had lower back pain before, might experience an increase in its pain before they have their period. The aching and pulling feeling is more likely to cause discomfort among women, and they might even go through a nagging feeling.

Get rid of Period Pain

There are some common ways through which, women can get rid of period pain:

  • Take supplements; preferably magnesium and calcium
  • Try herbal teas like raspberry leaf tea, because it contains uterine tonic
  • Eat dark leafy greens, because they provide more magnesium
  • Use a heating pad
  • Don’t drink much coffee

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