Six Amazing Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Most of us take sleep for granted, living off 6 hours or less each night. This may keep you going for now, but it can have adverse effects in the long term. Studies reveal that inadequate sleep can lead to early dementia in individuals.

But when it comes to sleep, quality is as important as quantity. If you're looking to get better quality sleep every night, we've got you covered. Here are a few rules to help you catch some good quality Zzzz's tonight!

Be Consistent

Having a consistent sleep schedule is essential for getting better sleep. For adults, you should be getting around eight hours of sleep each night. Once you set your sleep schedule, it's best to stick to it no matter what. This means that you sleep at the same time, even on the weekends.

Having a consistent sleep schedule allows you to get enough sleep each night. You'll see an improvement in your mood and overall focus once you get enough good quality sleep. That said, ensure you stay within eight hours of sleep. Fight the urge to sleep in to avoid lethargy.

Create a Proper Sleeping Atmosphere

The atmosphere plays a big part in maintaining your sleep quality. Studies show that the ideal temperature for good sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping in a more cozy room also promotes the production of melatonin, an essential hormone for better sleep. Not only is a more relaxed room a sure way to fall asleep faster, but it can also ensure that you stay asleep throughout the night.

Make sure your room is also dark when you're preparing for bed. Using room accessories like blackout blinds can help with this. A quiet room is best for getting good quality sleep. If you live in a noisy area, try using a white noise machine.

Avoid Blue Light

According to research, blue light from electronic devices can block melatonin. So it's time to kill your habit of using your phone before bed. Make sure to put away electronic devices at least an hour before bed. Blue light can also affect your body's circadian rhythm.

This is also why it's crucial to sleep in a dark room. Darkness signals your body that it's time to relax and wind down. Using your phone at night can mess with this natural pattern. That, combined with the distracting entertainment provided by social media, is enough to make one lose sleep.

Avoid Heavy Meals

You're less likely to fall asleep if you have a large meal right before bed. This is because you'll most likely feel too full and uncomfortable. It's a good idea to stop eating at least four hours before bed. During this time, you can still drink water or choose a light and healthy snack.

Eating a large meal before bed has other downsides as well. Falling asleep right after you've eaten a big meal can result in acid reflux. Not only is this painful, but it can feel uncomfortable too. Eating your last meal a couple of hours before bed can allow it to digest well. 

Bonus tip: Also avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime to enjoy a more restful sleep.

Exercise is Key

Exercise is not only important when it comes to staying fit, but it can also help improve your sleep quality. By getting a moderate amount of exercise each day, you can reduce the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Sleep is also essential to help your body heal after a workout session.

It allows your muscles to repair themselves and restores your energy. In a way, exercise and sleep go hand in hand.

Take CBD 

CBD has been used for years to relax the body before bed. It is a natural way to enhance sleep quality without using sleeping aids. There are many different products that you can try out.

If you're not into taking this magic potion orally, you can try out relaxing CBD skin care products. Here are our top and most effective CBD products that are worth trying out:

Envy CBD Essential Oil Roll-On

The Envy CBD Essential Roll-On is a handy product to keep on your bedside table. Not only does it include full-spectrum CBD, but it also includes lavender. Lavender is known to have relaxing effects on the body and can calm down your nerves before bed.

It comes with a roll-on applicator, which makes it easier to apply. Use it on areas like your wrists and behind your neck and experience a relaxing sleep like never before.

This Works Sleep Plus Bath Oil

Studies show that a warm bath is a great way to prepare yourself for bed. Elevate your nighttime bath experience with This Works Sleep Plus Bath Oil. It includes effective ingredients like chamomile and vetivert, scientifically proven to encourage better sleep.

All you need is a few drops of this lovely scented oil in your bath.

My Kure CBD Sleep Aid 

Tired of using addictive sleeping pills? Try this natural option instead. Each bottle of My Kure CBD Sleep Aid contains 30 capsules with 20 mg of active CBD in them. They don't have any nasty taste and deliver CBD straight to your system.

This CBD-infused sleeping aid also includes other calming ingredients like chamomile and ashwagandha, a natural stress reliever.

Science of Life Alchemy Deep Sleep CBD Capsules

Here's another brilliant sleeping aid that includes 25 mg of CBD per capsule. Science of Life Deep Sleep CBD Capsules has melatonin, a hormone that encourages relaxing sleep and rest. If you struggle to sleep peacefully, the added melatonin can promote slumber.

These capsules also contain valerian root, a powerful natural sleeping aid. Take one capsule each night to relax your mind and body.

 Gnome Serum Sandman Sleep

Not looking for sleeping aids? Try out this luxurious body cream instead. The Gnome Serum Sandman Sleep contains full-spectrum hemp extract and can help moisturize your body before bed. What's even better is that it also includes melatonin and chamomile.

The lovely lavender scent will help calm your senses before bed. You'll also wake up with soft, hydrated skin, which is always a bonus!

Which one of these tips are you going to incorporate in your life? 

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