CBD Oil Dosing Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient from the hemp plant. It is used for many medicinal and pain relieving functions. What is so unique about CBD is that, unlike its counterpart cannabis, CBD helps elevate symptoms of pain and other physical issues without causing a ‘high’. This is why researchers have taken such a keen interest in the use of CBD for a variety of health issues. If you have heard a lot about the magical extract but aren’t really sure how you can use CBD oil for your better health, this article will answer a lot of questions for you, particularly on what dosage you can safely consume.

What’s the Normal Dose of CBD?

Before getting into the how much of the equation, you must understand that every person is unique and is likely to respond differently to any stimulant. This is the reason why just because your friend takes 30 mg of CBD for her arthritis does not mean you can do the same for your insomnia. You need to know what amount is most suited to your medical needs.

As per research, the most common dose of CBD is 20 – 40 mg per dose. People tweak the quantity according to the instructions of their medical health experts or vary it to see what leads to better relief for them. Some people take very low amounts of CBD oil, as low as 1 mg, while others take the much higher dosage that can go up to 100 mg. So what dosage will work for you? 

The Ideal Dose - What You Need to Know 

The ideal dose of CBD depends on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Your size and weight
  • How severe your physical condition is
  • How well you are able to handle CBD
  • Your unique body chemistry
  • The potency of the CBD oil or other CBD product that you plan to use

You would only truly know about the correct dosage once you begin experimenting with various amounts. Experts suggest that you begin with a small quantity to see how your body reacts. If you have mild symptoms, a dose of 2 mg will be enough to start. Check for a few days how your body reacts. If you feel the effect isn’t apparent, increase it by 2-5 mg per dose till you see a difference.

If your doctor has recommended a specific dosage, stick by it. If you feel it isn’t working, ask the doctor to up the amount instead of doing it yourself. Also, be careful to read the instructions on the CBD oil you decide to take. For example, if you plan to take CBD gummies, read the label on how much one serving contains and adjust your dose accordingly. On the other hand, CBD oil will come with a dropper bottle, and the packaging will guide you on how much you can take through the dropper.

Remember, in the world of cannabinoids, less is always more, so administer dosage with care.

Now, what are some of the medical ailments that you can take CBD for?

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

CBD works particularly well in helping to calm nerves and relieving anxiety. If you suffer from persistent anxiety that makes things difficult to manage, try using CBD oil. As per experts, 300 to 600 mg of CBD will help alleviate severe anxiety over a period of time. Since people react differently, you will need to try a few quantities before figuring out what amount is most suited to you.

Hemp Infusion In Sacha Inchi Oil by BIOWELLNESS is one of the most effective tinctures for anxiety. The Physicians formula comes with strong antioxidants and other natural ingredients that get absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly, helping to relax your nerves and muscles.

You simply have to take the amount recommended by your doctor once or twice a day for immediate results.

CBD Dosage for Pain

If there is one thing that CBD truly works for, it is excessive pain. Whether it is pain from arthritis, cancer, or some neurological condition, CBD will help in relieving the symptoms. Professionals believe that you would need at least 30 mg a day to get rid of severe pain. Start by taking 30 mg and then up the dosage in a week if it is ineffective.

CBD FST Oil by My Kure works very well in managing chronic pains. Containing 100% USA-grown CBD isolates, this oil is believed to work by manipulating the endocannabinoid receptor activity.

This means that you can take it to get rid of intense pain in any part of your body. Simply take 30 drops and let them sit under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Dosage for Sleep

For insomnia or poor sleep conditions because of some other underlying medical condition, you would need to take at least 25 mg of CBD. People who suffer from severe sleeplessness have taken up to 1500 mg of CBD for better results.

Resurge Oils Relax has especially been designed for people who cannot sleep due to stress. It is a natural relaxant made from CBD oil, cinnamon, and ginger.

Simply pour a few drops under the tongue and hold for 45 seconds before swallowing. You can even mix the tincture in your water or tea if needed.

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