CBD for Pets

Your dog hasn’t been acting all that energetic lately, your cat seems to keep catching infections more often, and your little birdie has lost its chirpiness and seems too quiet. Worried about what you can give them to restore their good health? In comes CBD, a new miracle medicine that would show results within a few short months of usage.

This may come as a surprise. CBD for pets? Yes!!

It is just as beneficial for your beloved furry friend as it is for you. But why would your pets even need CBD? Can it do good for their health? What is CBD for pets anyway? Don’t worry because we have all the answers for you.

CBD for animals is the same as CBD for humans. It is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is short for cannabidiol. CBD helps in improving homeostasis and restoring balance among your pets. The best part about this compound is that, unlike marijuana, it won’t make your pets high!

Unsure about whether or not CBD is the solution for your pets? Here are all the many benefits it has.

Why CBD?

These are all the advantages of making CBD a regular part of your pet’s diet:

  • It is a potent painkiller. Many studies show that CBD helps with pain management, just as well among animals, as in humans.
  • CBD reduces anxiety and reduces stress levels. This means that if you have some long trip coming up or planning to relocate, CBD will do wonders to help calm your pet’s nerves!
  • CBD isn’t merely a medicine to be used for some specific condition. Recently, more and more pet owners are using it as a supplement for their pets. It improves overall health and encourages wellbeing.
  • Is your pup prone to vomits and nausea? Does this lead to a lack of appetite? CBD can cure this issue. Studies confirm that CBD is an antiemetic, which means it eliminates nausea, vomits, and improves appetite.
  • CBD is also believed to be anti-inflammatory, which can significantly help if you have small-sized pets prone to upset stomachs!
  • Recent research has shown that regular usage of CBD can protect your beloved pet from colon cancer while stopping the growth of cancerous mass.
  • CBD is a natural anticonvulsant, which means that if your pet has episodes of tics, spasms, seizures or tremors, it will help them out magnificently. You just have to give it to them every day.

Convinced? Wondering which CBD products can you give to your pets without any harm? Here are all the products you can safely give to your dogs, cats, and other pets.

1.  Noetic Nutraceuticals - Morgan's Magic Pet

Morgan’s Magic Pet Tincture is made from 300mg Hemp Extract that is entirely organic and non-GMO. It also contains omega 3 and 9 fatty acids from grape seed extract. It works by calming your nervous or hyper pet, managing their anxiety through natural means.

It is also a pain reliever for pets suffering from arthritis or diseases that arrive with age. The product can be given daily. All you need to do is add one dropper full in their food, and they are good to go.

2. Kat's Naturals - Pet Care

Another premium tincture, Kat’s Natural Pet Care is 300mg of pure CBD. Not only is it preservative and additive-free, but it is also hypoallergenic, which means it is not harmful to your sensitive furry friend. It also contains organic cold-pressed extra virgin Olive oil for added benefits.

You can give it to your pet by dropping the oil in their lower gum line. The therapeutic tincture can also be applied orally on wounded areas.

3. SUPA Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bacon for Pets

Cats and dogs have a real tooth for bacon, which is why Full Spectrum CBD oil for pets is made with bacon flavor! Your fur family will have no objection to taking the tincture every day!

It contains 250mg of bacon-flavored CBD oil taken from organically grown Hemp that is non-GMO. You can give this to your pets without the worry of any allergic reaction.

4. Calyx Wellness Nurture Chicken Flavored Pet Tincture

Is your pet allergic to bacon? Or not fond of the flavor? Opt for Nurture Chicken Flavored Pet Tincture. A medium dose tincture, this one is made from the chicken flavor. It is ideal for pets that are up to 35 pounds or smaller.

It is well suited for the sensitive stomach of pets that have delicate digestive systems. This tincture also works well for pets that are suffering from pain or anxiety. Just make sure you shake the bottle well and give it with a spoon.

5. Envy CBD Pet Treats - Bacon Flavor

Pet Treats is made of 5mg of full-spectrum CBD that works effectively as pain medicine. Since the treat is made of bacon flavor, your dog will have a tough time resisting it. The ingredient list also contains organic peanut butter, chicken broth, oats, sunflower oil, and more

Keep in mind that the treat must be given with food, and start with one treat only. Increase as per the weight of your doggo, like 1 treat daily to dogs less than 10 pounds, 2 treats daily to dogs between 10-25 pounds and so on.

6. Gnome Serum Best Friend Balm

Looking for a cream that helps elevate itchiness and irritation? Best Friend Balm should be the one you should turn to. It is made of full-spectrum hemp extract, yarrow, and beeswax. Perfect for minor wounds and irritations, this balm helps in healing rashes, scrapes, and scabs.

The salve contains only 0.3% THC, along with a blend of omega 3 oils from all organic sources. All you have to do is rub a pea-sized amount where it itches and help relieve the irritation.

7. Leanna Organics CBD Pet Tincture - Beef Flavored

Leanna Organics CBD Pet Tincture is  made from 100% CBD from the hemp plant. It has beef flavor and organic coconut oil. The presence of TGC or LESS is 0.03%. This means that it is safe for your pets and will not cause any high!

All you have to do is dissolve it in your pet’s treats or apply it directly in their mouths. It is the kind of tincture that you can give to your pet every day, as it promotes overall health and wellbeing. Keep in mind, if you notice that it is causing any kind of irritation or rash, discontinue the use and take your pet to the vet.

Final Word

Now that you know about CBD's many benefits for pets, do you plan on giving them? You can slowly add it to their daily routine either in the form of treats, or as tinctures, whichever you find easy to use and your pets conveniently adapt to.

Just make sure that you consult your pet’s vet before starting anything new, as you would not want your beloved fur family to develop any allergic reaction.

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