CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

Sick of not being able to sleep at night? Or even worse, keep waking up and feeling tired for the rest of your day?

Over the counter medicine or even prescribed relaxants are not the solution. They have side effects that can truly damage your body in the long run. It is time to take matters in your own hands and look for alternative methods for your persistent insomnia and interrupted sleep pattern. This is where CBD comes in the picture.

If you don’t already know what it is, then you are definitely not connected to the ever advancing world of medicine. CBD has become a common name in most households because of its effectiveness and lack of any major side effects. The best part, it does not have to be taken in the form of medicine!

Here is all you need to know about CBD and its benefits for insomnia.

CBD For Insomnia 

CBD is found in the cannabis plant and reacts with the endocannabiniod system. This is what helps in maintaining balance in your body, also referred to as homeostasis. The reason why CBD is becoming so popular is that unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive agent, which means that it won’t make you high, even though it will help in calming your nerves.

This is also why it is effective for so many health conditions and illnesses, like seizures that occur because of epilepsy, pain from arthritis, insomnia, skin conditions and more.

Therefore, the question here is, why and how is CBD helpful when you are not able to sleep, or maintain a regular peaceful sleep without interruptions? Let’s find out.

What Causes Sleeplessness?

Lack of sleep or insomnia occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Mental stress or illness like anxiety, PTSD, depression, panic attacks, stress and more
  • Physical illness or pains like arthritis, restless leg syndrome etc.
  • Use of medication that disrupts sleep-wake cycle
  • Environmental factors like a lumpy mattress, noise from the street, TV running in the room, too much or too little light
  • Excessive use of caffeine throughout the day

If there is no way you can change these issues, then sleep is something that will always remain a problem for you. This is the reason why people turn to medication to control their insomnia. But medicines, when taken for longer periods of times, can cause many other health issues.

So what can you do? Start using CBD regularly, as it has no side effects, is rarely ever a cause for an allergic reaction, and ultimately helps you sleep peacefully every night.

How Does CBD Help with Insomnia?

Studies confirm that CBD is effective for insomnia. It helps the brain to calm down, get rids of stress and body aches, while also lulling the mind into relaxing enough to sleep. One research found that CBD improves sleep by reducing anxiety. This means that, with continuous use, you would be able to overcome not just your sleep concerns, but other problems like anxiety, depression, body pains and more.

Another research proved that people who took 160ml of CBD everyday were able to improve the time they slept, meaning they had increased sleep duration. These were the people who high levels of cortisol in their bodies at night, which was the prime cause of sleeplessness, as well as interrupted sleep. With the help of CBD, cortisol levels are decreased in body and the person suffering from insomnia is able to sleep longer and better.

There are a variety of ways CBD can be incorporated in your daily routine for better sleep. It can be ingested in the form of oil or tablets, CBD oil can be rubbed on skin directly or by mixing it with a body cream, or it can be added to drinks as tinctures.

Most experts suggest that for CBD to work potently, it is best used in multiple ways, like avroutine where you take it in your coffee/tea, use it in your bath water, apply it on the skin, and take it as tablets. This way your body would be able to receive it more frequently and thus attain more benefits. Since CBD does not cause a high, it can safely be used any time of the day or night, without having to worry about any kind of accident.

Wondering what are the products that you can use that are safe, contain CBD for insomnia, and can be used without the prescription of a doctor? Here are some strong and effective CBD infused products to help you sleep better everyday.

Envy's Serenity CBD Bath Bomb

What’s the best way to calm your nerves and prepare your body for a goodnight’s sleep? A long, warm bath! And of course a bath is simply not cozy enough if you don’t drop a CBD bath bomb in it.

Envy’s Serenity bath bomb with its essentials oils like eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint oil helps in soaking away all the stress and soothing your nerves. Presence of 50mg of full spectrum CBD makes the bath bomb powerful enough to give you a luxurious sleep!

Kat's Naturals Organic CBD – Relax

If you don’t have the time for a bath, or want to further improve your chances of getting a good sleep, take Kat’s Naturals Relax, a calming CBD oil that helps in removing tension and leaving you serene.

Presence of hop and wild orange essential oil further strengthen this elixir.

Eve Farms-Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

A warm mug of tea is perfect for many people just before sleep. Add a few drops of Eve Farms’ broad spectrum oil to your warm drink and discover how you are then able to sleep like a baby.

This oil also contains coconut oil and ginger extracts that help in reducing dryness and reliving inflammation.

Terra Vida-CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray

Terra Vida’s Sleep Spray contains a mix of melatonin, CBD and other essential nutrients to improve sleep and constantly better the sleep cycle.

All you have to do is pump two rounds of spray in mouth just 15 minutes before sleep. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

Science of Life Alchemy-Deep Sleep Capsules

Deep Sleep capsules have specifically been designed for those who suffer from severe insomnia. It is the perfect combination of melatonin, valerian root and CBD, which not only help with reduced stress, but also cures aches and pains, sleeplessness, and mind relaxation.

One capsule 40 minutes before bed can truly work wonders.

Gnome Serum-Sandman-Sleep

If you want to take no risks and want to make sure that sleep does not elude you, try using a combination of bath bomb, nightcap, and a CBD infused body cream. Gnome Serum, containing full-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin and chamomile is your perfect solution.

All you have to do is massage the cream on your body and enjoy a restful night of deep sleep.

Now that you know the benefits of CBD for interrupted sleep and insomnia, what routine will you follow? Try all the above mentioned products to figure out what works best for you!


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