Should I Give CBD To My Pets?

Just like any other pet wellness trend, when it comes to CBD products for pet, there is a pool of information floating around online. Our furry friends have recently experienced the benefits of cannabinoids but the pet parents still have some concerns. Amongst plenty of information and misinformation, here is our guide through the jungle.

A Quick Refresh: What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the 113 compounds unique to the cannabis plants called cannabinoids. It is typically extracted from industrial hemp and it produces no psychoactive effects at all, instead, it is shown to bring a feeling of wellness and balance. For detailed information, read our blog post: What Is CBD?

Will It Get My Little Pupster High?

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No, no, a thousand times no. When someone recommends giving medical cannabis to their pets, the initial reaction of pet parents is, “So my pet will have to smoke weed?” Giving CBD products to pets is equated to smoking weed and it is considered as a bad thing. But people forget that there is a huge difference in CBD extracted from hemp and “traditional” marijuana.

CBD and THC are the two compounds of the cannabis and hemp plant. THC is capable of giving your pet a “high”, CBD isn’t. In fact CBD found in cannabis supplements is mostly sourced from hemp, a type of cannabis that contains very low concentration of THC. Any CBD products that have less than 0.3% THC is safe for consumption by you and your pet.

How CBD Works On My Furry Friend?

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Animals such as dogs are known to share almost 70% of biological homology with humans. So they have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. ECS is a network of cellular activators and receptors that regulates hundreds of physiological processes in the body like sleep, pain, inflammation, mood, stress and much more. CBD works by binding the receptors in your dog’s ESC to regulate what goes out of balance. Furry Fact: The positive effects of CBD lasts longer on dogs than on human. Below are the main benefits of CBD for pets.

Health Benefits Of CBD For Pets: Is It Actually That Effective?

There is no doubt to the fact that pets benefit from CBD as much as humans. Actually even more because their endocannabinoid system is more complex. Here is the list of positive effects that CBD leaves on your dog:

CBD For Pets

#1: CBD May Help With Skin Issues

Itching, scratching, licking, chewing…skin issues can be very irritating for the pets as well as pet parents. Itching usually occurs in pet’s belly, ears, paws, armpits, and cheeks. If not treated properly, it can go for months and even years in extreme cases. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and it can help relieve inflammation caused by itching, hives, and blisters. You can either add CDB to your dog’s daily diet or try putting some CBD oil in the affected area.

#2: CBD May Reduce Anxiety, Aggressive Behavior & Learned Fears

Some dogs have high anxiety levels which makes a simple job like walking in the park a hell. Dogs suffering from anxiety tend to show symptoms like excessive barking, urination and even destructive behavior. CBD can work with your fluffy friend’s endocannabinoid system to soothe its mind. It also helps pets facing fear of fireworks, thunderstorms or loud noises. It calms your pet’s senses and prevents the problem from getting worse.

#3: CBD Can Boost Appetite & Improve DigestionSome pets are easy to feed.

They will happily eat everything you offer them but problem arises when your pet is a picky eater. There are a number of reasons why your pet is a picky eater. If he has a good appetite but if you notice some changes, there is a good chance that there are some digestive issues. CBD treats can help you out with that. It has shown to improve appetite and calm upset stomach.

#4: CBD Can Promote Homeostasis In Dogs

Homeostasis is a self-regulating system in which biological systems tend to maintain balance while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. In simple words, homeostasis is achieved your body functions properly. Many pet owners choose to use CBD not as a medicine or to treat specific illness but also as a regular supplement to promote the overall health and well-being of their pet.

#5: CBD Works As A Powerful Pain Killer

Joint and muscle pain is common in larger dog breeds. As mentioned earlier, CBD is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors which are located inside the immune cells. By activating these receptors, CBD evokes a wide variety of immune responses, one of which is fighting inflammation. Conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, joint pain can be treated easily through them.

Using CBD For Pets: How & How Much?

How: CBD pet products are available in the form of treats, CBD pet tinctures, oils, oil sprays, topicals, and capsules. You can experiment and find a product that your furry friend likes the most. Though there are many topical CBD products available in the market, it is typically given to pets orally. 

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How Much: Intake of CBD for pets is exactly the same as humans; the only difference in dosing is because of weight. The good news is that there is not a risk of overdosing but the trick is to start with a lower dose and then find a sweet spot for your pet.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats. What’s Better?

CBD Pet Oil

So much is said about administration of CBD oil to pets. Giving CBD oil instead of treats allows more precise dosing, decreases the risk of bioavailability and avoids any first-pass effects. But sometimes when your little fur ball is not ready to cooperate it becomes an ‘mission impossible’ to give him/her CBD oil. This is the reason why many pet parents choose to give treats. It helps you establish a bond with your little pup, reinforces a positive behavior and on the top of it all your pet will love it so it’s easy to gives.

Treats or oil, both are equally effective. You should see your pet’s comfort first. Or you may also try some different flavors of CBD oil that your dog may like. At Neomen you can buy CBD oil for pets which is beef flavored so your dog will love to have it. You can add it to your pet’s food or give him directly by a dropper.

Is CBD Safe? Should I Try It For My Pet?

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It might be a relief to know that there are many studies which did not observe any side effects of administering CBD to your pets. Recent statistical analysis of a survey showed that the veterinarians have reached similar conclusions from their practice. So in general, CBD is not toxic for your dog. Treats that contain only this cannabinoid will never hurt your pupster.

However, THC poisoning in dogs is not a rare phenomenon and this is potentially life-threatening. Dog’s body reacts to this compound more intensely than humans. Also, cannabidiol can cause serious complications if taken with some other medications.

So our answer to this question would be: CBD treats are completely safe, provided they contain less than 0.3% THC and are not taken with any other medication. We at Neomen provide CBD products for pets that contain the prescribed amount of THC and these products are completely safe for your little friend.

Where Can I Buy CBD Pet Products Online?

There are loads of CBD products available online. Getting CBD products for your pet depends on where you live and your state’s marijuana laws. Take a look at the image below to get detailed information.

If you live in a state where CBD is legal, the next step is to find an online store where safe and effective CBD products are available. At Neomen, we offer the best quality CBD products for your pet. What are you waiting for? Explore the catalog and find the best suitable product for your pet.

A Quick Checklist To Buy CBD Products:

Because there are so many options while you are out there buying CBD products for your pets, we have created this quick checklist so you can make the right choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying any CBD product for your little furry friend:

  • Consult a veterinarian before you buy, especially if your dog in under any other medication
  • Choose a trustworthy and established brand
  • Start with a lower dose and then move forward with a higher dosage
  • Make sure the product has less than 0.3% THC
  • Make sure treats or oils do not contain any additives or harmful ingredients

Final Thoughts:

If taken with proper care, CBD can be beneficial for the furry members for your family. Try finding premium quality and branded hemp products that contain less than 0.3% of THC. This way you can give hemp to your pets with complete peace of mind. If you have any other questions regarding giving CBD to hemp, feel free to reply in the comment section below. I would be happy to answer your queries.

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